If I am covered by health insurance as a member of the GSSP, does this entitle me to utilize the Student Health Services Clinic? Even in the summer?

Not automatically: During the two summer sessions (as in any other semester), all students are automatically eligible to use the Student Health Services clinic only if they are properly registered for each session. If students are not registered, they must pay a fee to Student Health Services per session in order to use their facilities. If unregistered students covered by health insurance choose not to pay the fee, they may visit a private doctor and use their insurance there.

If you are covered by student health insurance, need to see a doctor, are in the Raleigh area, and are properly registered in the current session, our health insurance carrier says you should first visit Student Health Services.

Properly registered implies that the student has paid all student fees charged to them by the University Cashier's Office. If registered, a student is entitled to use the clinic regardless of the hours carried.

Other important points to remember: (1) the Graduate Student Support Plan does not pay any student fees! You are responsible for them. (2) Also, remember that when visiting the Student Health Services clinic there may be charges that are not covered by your health insurance and the student health fee.
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